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Powell, Wyoming, USA

Struggling to fit in veggies for the entire family?

Finding veggies that everyone likes, that have a long shelf life, and pack a nutritious punch can be a real pain!

Microgreens are your new best friend

These small plants stay fresher for longer, add a delicious crunch and flavor to any meal that your whole family will love, and are chock full of nutrients.

But don’t take our word for it…keep in touch with us to experience microgreens for you and your family!

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Hatching Eggs Straight to Your Door!

NPIP Certified No. 83-033

Arda Acres participates in the NPIP program which can put your mind at ease regarding the health of our flock shipped to you.

We only ship hatching eggs via USPS.

We currently raise the rare breed, Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen), which is a fibromelanistic cousin of the Ayam Cemani. These rare Swedish birds are cold hardy and great winter layers besides their beautiful black coloring and oil slick sheen on their feathers.

Hatching egg availability is dependent on the time of year and the hens’ production.

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hi! We’re jamie & rex

welcome to Arda Acres!

We’re first generation farmers working with Mother Nature and our land to provide local food and food security to our community.

We’re here to bridge the great divide that exists between the everyday person and their connection to self-sufficiency and sovereignty.

Join us on this journey!

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