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Can I purchase one chicken, sheep, goat, etc.?

Yes! But you must provide proof that you already own a companion as our animals require at least one of their kind for proper health and happiness. Most of the animals we raise are herd animals.

Will you deliver livestock to me?

Yes! But it depends on where you’re located. We do not ship our animals, but will deliver (with a small fee) if you’re located within two hours of us.

Do you vaccinate your animals? Will you vaccinate them upon request?

No! We currently do not vaccinate our animals and will not do so upon request.

Do you disbud your sheep, goats, etc.? Will you disbud them upon request?

No! We do not disbud our animals as horns are their only means of protection and they help dissipate heat in the hot months to avoid heat strokes. And if need be, horns are a good way to grab an animal in a case of emergency.

Do you castrate your animals? Will you castrate them upon request?

Yes! But we do not castrate until each animal has matured enough. For goats, this is 6-8 months but it varies.

Will you provide me with a bottle baby?

No, we do not purposefully create bottle babies. It’s healthier digestively and mentally for a baby to stay with its mother and to go through natural weaning.

I’ve paid my deposit but I no longer want the animal I chose. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds on deposits. If you’d like, you can roll forward your deposit to future animals.

Can we visit Arda Acres?

Yes! But, you cannot show up unannounced. Please reach out to us at Jamie@ardaacres.com to schedule a time to visit our homestead.