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Cute, fluffy, and a fantastic homesteading animal…

The meat rabbit is a great intermediate step up from chickens. They provide meat, pelts, fantastic cold manure, kits (baby rabbits), and other curiosities from “leftover” parts.

Our starting breeding trio hails from Candee Farms in Burlington, WY. We’re unsure what breed they are, but that’s not as important when these will not be show rabbits.

With the pelts, we’re excited to start making our own clothes to continue to grow our own sovereignty. It’s not possible to be a completely circular system on our homestead (it takes a village), but we’ll try to get as close to it as possible.

And these meat rabbits are a huge jump towards that goal.

We hope to offer the following to our community soon!

  • pelts
  • pasture raised rabbit meat (no pellets)
  • kits (baby rabbits)
  • curiosities & oddities