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A genetic disorder that’s beating natural selection

Mini myotonic (or fainting) goats appear to be an aberration of nature. And honestly they really are because what animal would survive to pass on its genes if it fainted in the face of death? Well apparently the fainting spells really amused someone way back when so these goats are still around to grace us with their presence.

Their fainting stems from a genetic disorder called myotonia congenita which makes them stiffen when startled or excited. They’re not actually fainting, just freezing up, but they’ll fall over which makes it look like they’re passing out. They can faint from simply jumping.

“Fainting goats are thought to have appeared in around 1800 in Tennessee, USA, but there is no conclusive evidence as to their origin. Experts aren’t certain whether the genetic mutation that has caused their myotonia congenita appeared spontaneously, or whether it was introduced from another breed.” – Natural History Museum

The goats aren’t hurt from freezing up as long as they don’t fall on something dangerous or something isn’t looking to eat them. The beneficial side of this genetic disorder is that the goats tend to be meatier. The disorder that affects their muscles also makes their muscles grow. People keep them as pets and as meat goats, but not dairy goats.

Now offsetting the growth in muscle is that ours are mini in size so your meat production won’t be as great as larger goats. But this is also beneficial because they’re not escape artists and they aren’t climbing and jumping like you’d expect from a typical goat. They make for much easier handling this way.

Our goats typically serve as herd leaders, herd members, or pets.

Our mini fainting goat journey started in 2022 with two does, Fili and Kili, named after the dwarf brothers from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Disregard the fact that the dwarves are male and the goats are female…

We see the resemblance, do you?

We originally added Fili and Kili as companions for Juno (our livestock guardian dog in training) as she needed some smaller livestock to bond with. The more exposure to livestock for Juno, the better. Our girls aren’t as affectionate as we were hoping for, but if you have some leafy alfalfa they’re sure to come right up to you.

Most of the excitement around these two was because they came to our place pregnant. We built kidding stalls in the garage and stocked up on kidding supplies in case they need assistance. Now this wasn’t their first rodeo as the previous owner stated they’d kidded before without help.

Typically mini myotonic goats will have two kids on average, but because of Fili’s size we knew she had to have 3 or more kids. She birthed three gorgeous bucklings on January 20th, 2023 unassisted! And Kili gave us one beautiful buckling on Jan 24th, 2023 unassisted.

And the story continues from there…

Our Mini Fainting Goats ready for a new home!

We pride ourselves on happy, friendly, and health mini fainting goats. We do not provide mini fainters as meat goats, but as pets, weedwhackers, or herd leaders/members.

We do reserve the right to cancel or refuse a sale if we feel it’s in the best interest of our animals.

We will not:

  • Vaccinate
  • Feed grain
  • Disbud
  • Purposefully create bottle babies
  • Castrate early
  • Provide you with one goat without proof of companionship. Goats are herd animals.

See our FAQs for more information. We require a phone call, at a minimum, with you.

Price and Payment

Prices range depending on coat coloration, eye color, polled (naturally no horns), and sex. A discount will be provided if you purchase more than one and if you provide payment in the form of Bitcoin.

The total payment for all animals must be made in cash or Bitcoin ( with a confirmed transaction) when the animal(s) are picked up. There are discounts available if you’re interested in multiple kids and if you pay in Bitcoin.

Pick-up Process

Kids are typically available for pickup four to five months after birth as we allow them to wean as naturally as possible. This is best for the health of the kid. 

You may come and visit to get to know each kid to aid in your decision process or to bond more with your kid. We wait until two months of age before we allow kids to be chosen so that their personalities and quirks are more highlighted to determine best fit for you. A signed contract is required to reserve your kid(s).

Once you pick your kid(s), we will send videos, pictures, and updates along those four to five months via text message. You can opt out of this.

HI! WE’re jamie and rex!

welcome to Arda Acres!

We’re first generation homesteaders working in lockstep with Mother Nature and our land to provide safety and security for our family and community.

Our purpose is to bridge the great divide that exists between the everyday person and their connection to self-sufficiency and sovereignty.

Join us on this journey to greater sovereignty!

    Before you meet our kids, join our Wyoming Mini Myotonic/Fainting Goats group!

    Our kidding class of 2023


    Sire: Blue Dam: Kili

    As an only child, he had a full open bar at mom’s udder since birth. He’s quite the stocky and rambunctious sweet boy. He’s joined a lovely family and organization in Montana where he will be spoiled rotten.



    Sire: Blue Dam: Fili

    He is a menace in the best way possible. The most friendly, outgoing, and craziest goat we’ve encountered. His parkour skills are unmatched! He’s joined a lovely herd and family in Montana..



    Sire: Blue Dam: Fili

    Our future herd sire! He is a sweet boy that enjoys his humans. At birth, he was so scrunched up that his legs didn’t quite work for the first 24 hours. I held him up to mom hourly to make sure he got his necessary colostrum. We’ve formed quite a bond.



    Sire: Blue Dam: Fili

    Jester has found his forever home in Cody with friends of ours. He is the runt of Fili’s three triplets and the chillest of them all. You’ll find him happy to be held or just chewing on your hair or whatever might be hanging off you.



    updates on our new kids and their availability!