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Currently pick up or delivery is only available for the Powell/Cody Wyoming area.

Please reach out if you’re outside out of our area. Accommodations are possible!

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  • Fibro Melanistic x Salmon Faverolles started rooster


    A beautiful fibro melanistic, Salmon Faverolles cross rooster to protect your flock! This bird has dark feathering and black skin like his mother, Boudica. These crosses grow faster and are more outgoing than the purebred Salmon Faverolles. Their fibro gene will carry through to your flock as well if you hatch chicks. The beautiful emerald…

  • Salmon Faverolles Chicks


    Ready to grow you flock with cuteness but skip the incubating period? Our chicks are ready to join you! Our Salmon Faverolles chicks are adorable and under 8 weeks of age. You will need to provide them with a safe enclosure, heating, and appropriate food for their age until their feathers come in fully. Straight…

  • eggs hatching in an incubator

    Salmon Faverolles hatching eggs


    Looking to hatch your very own Salmon Faverolles? Start from the very beginning with an egg! We’ve got the eggs for you without shipping through the mail potentially causing damaging. There’s a 50/50 chance of getting hens and roos. Eggs may not be available on your order date. I will reach out to discuss an…

  • Salmon Faverolles started rooster


    Looking for a protective, beautiful, and docile rooster to join your ladies for protection and chicks? Then our Salmon Faverolles roosters are perfect for the job! Our roos will join your flock at a minimum of 8 weeks of age so they’re fully feathered and ready to enter your coop.

    Sometimes our roos have a pea or walnut comb as compared to a single comb. While this doesn’t align with breed standards, it is better suited for cold climates.