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Salmon Faverolles started rooster


Looking for a protective, beautiful, and docile rooster to join your ladies for protection and chicks? Then our Salmon Faverolles roosters are perfect for the job! Our roos will join your flock at a minimum of 8 weeks of age so they’re fully feathered and ready to enter your coop.

Sometimes our roos have a pea or walnut comb as compared to a single comb. While this doesn’t align with breed standards, it is better suited for cold climates.

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Demeanor: Our SF are hilarious birds and a joy to watch. They’re easy-going, docile birds (including the roos!) who coo to themselves as they roost for the night. Can be somewhat easily spooked but will eat from your hand. The roosters are especially known for being protective but not aggressive.  

Origin: France

Egg color: Color ranges from light pink to light brown. Hens lay 150-180 medium sized eggs annually. Expect eggs around 20 weeks of age.

Purpose: SF are a triple purpose breed so they’re a great choice for a layer/meat/show bird. As they’re a heritage breed, it may take up to 8 months to reach butcher weight.

Cold Tolerance: Very cold hardy as they were bred to continue laying over winter in France. Somewhat prone to frostbite due to the large single comb but this can be mitigated with proper coop winterization. 

Special features: feathers on their feet, adorable neck muffs and beards, five toes on each foot, bred to be great layers in the cold

Delivery and pick-up currently only available for the Cody/Powell Wyoming area. Reach out if you’re outside of our area. Accommodations are possible!


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