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With egg prices on the rise, it’s become apparent that getting closer to your food is key. Chickens are known as the gateway drug and best beginner animal to raise for those interested in increasing their control over their own food.

Surprisingly we actually don’t eat many eggs, but they’re still highly beneficial to the homestead. Most of our eggs are hard boiled and fed back to any animal that desires them (chickens, chicks, and Juno).

For us, chickens are great composters and help to keep the fly population low. They’re fantastic at scratching through compost or manure to spread it around and to eat larvae laid by flies which keeps those pests a low threat.

We intend to rotationally graze our chickens by following behind the larger ruminant animals at a speed that allows them to eat fly larvae to their hearts’ content.

Interested in starting or growing your flock with fertilized eggs, chicks, or chickens?

Our flock consists of Boudica, a black chicken of unknown age and origin, Napoleon, our Salmon Faverolle rooster, and Salmon Faverolle hens.

Boudica was part of a larger flock of chickens, but we singled her out because of her color and friendliness. She was not afraid to come up to us to request food or perch on our arms. These are traits we want to encourage!


Our Salmon Faverolles come from Melissa Hemken at Melissahof Hatchery in Lander, Wyoming. She specializes in Wyoming sturdy chickens and keeping shipping chicks to a minimum to ensure survival.

Salmon Faverolles are a dual meat and egg chicken that are currently on a watch list. Part of our goal at Arda Acres is to help strengthen heritage breeds and grow their numbers.

We are also actively hatching our own eggs to increase our flock size.

Our flock is fed a soy and corn free diet. We source grains as local as possible and choose organic when available.

a young Napoleon the Rooster front and center

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