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the dibble bar: the best way to dig holes for trees

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So you’re Googling the best way to dig holes for trees…

I’m betting one of the following has happened….
  • you’ve got a bunch of trees or bushes to plant and are overwhelmed
  • you’ve already started planting and are making slow progress
  • your shovel is tearing up more ground than you actually need for your seedlings
  • your ground is ridiculously compacted and you’ve chipped two shovels already

Well worry no further, the Dibble Bar is here to help..

Depending on your soil type, digging a hole for seedlings and mature trees can be easy or extremely difficult.

We’ve dealt with some very compacted dirt on our pasture where we needed to plant trees for a windbreak and a food forest for ourselves, our animals, and the wildlife.

Now if you don’t shudder at the thought of 200+ holes to dig, you’re a better person than me.

multiple trees soaking in a bucket of water digging trees easily with the dibble bar pinterest
digging trees easily with the dibble bar - a shovel with a chip in it

So how did we go about streamlining and making this process easier under a time crunch? The Dibble Bar!

digging trees easily with the dibble bar

We had a very finite amount of time from receiving trees and bushes to putting them in the ground due to work schedules and the fact that the seedlings needed to be soaked and planted quickly to thrive.

They’re like a fish out of water during transportation.

The Dibble Bar worked fantastically for us and it’s a purchase we don’t regret AT ALL!

How does this grow sovereignty?

It comes back to our food. By planting our own fruit trees, we rely less on stressed food supply chains and grocery stores. Plus, most fruit is covered in substances to preserve them for long periods of travel and sitting on shelves. That cannot be healthy.

Grow your own food or source from those who are growing their own organically.

In soft ground with tiny seedlings, a few back and forths with the Dibble Bar are all you need to create the perfect hole for your tree.

For larger roots and tougher ground, the Dibble makes a great starter hole that you can then shovel out to completion.

Now you may be asking yourself, why do I need a Dibble Bar when I have a shovel and strong arms?

And it’s a good question to ask. Here’s why the Dibble Bar is superior:

  • the straight edge (angled at the end) decreases the surface area that has to be forced into the ground making it easier to penetrate dirt
  • the foot platform allows for enough force to be applied to break through compacted dirt
  • the smaller blade allows you to chisel away in a precise manner for the perfect hole without displacing more dirt and disturbing more plant life than is necessary
  • it’s a solid welded bar of metal that won’t chip and break like a shovel might (see Snaggletooth)

We tested our shovels and a trench digging spade and the Dibble Bar fared best for starting holes in all types of dirt. We’ve used it for small potted and bareroot trees and flowers to large 1-2 year fruit trees.

Each time, the Dibble Bar is our go-to starter for the hole and helps to get the perfect shape and size faster than your typical shovel.

Don’t dismiss the Dibble as a gimmick if you’re dealing with compacted ground or an abundance of trees and bushes to plant.

The Dibble Bar does not disappoint and will make a tough job less time-consuming and frustrating. It’s the best way to dig holes for trees and anything else that might suit your fancy.

a few tips for planting trees and bushes

  • hydrate your bareroot seedlings in a water bucket for at least 8 hours prior to planting
  • layer the roots in the dirt (all the roots shouldn’t point the same way or be at the same level)
  • walk over the dirt after the tree is planted to remove air pockets that could kill the tree roots
  • add compost on top of the soil and water instead of adding it in the seedling hole
  • utilize mycorrhiza fungi in the water soak and seedling hole to promote healthy growth

Did you know?

Tilling and disturbing soil releases moisture, vital nutrients, bacteria resulting in dried out and nutrient deprived soil. Life won’t thrive in this soil which is why using the Dibble Bar to disturb the ground as little as possible is key!

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get your Dibble Bar here!

digging trees easily with the dibble bar pinterest
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